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Shingeki No Kyojin (which we will call S.N.K) or attack on titan, for those who do not yet know this Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Having received many awards (Kodansha Award, selected in Angoulême, Harvey Award, Micheluzzi Awards among others…), Shingeki No Kyojin manga has become a critical and commercial success making it one of the best-selling manga series. It is one of the best selling manga (we speak of millions of copies sold around the world) in recent years. read shingeki no kyojin , It has been adapted into a very successful and popular animated film (NewType Anime Award 2013). I will abstain from talking about the live film in my review, which disappointed me a lot (go see it, you’ll make your own opinion), or OAV, Light Novels, future video game or CrossOver with the universe Marvel. Yes, yes, you read well. Or if I do, it will be in the weeks to come. Anyway, if the attack of the titans is so appreciated, it is because the work was able to gather the necessary ingredients to its success.


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Eh yes! If S.N.K works so much around the world, it’s because, above all, the plot is just great. And what about the context, the universe that the author, Hajime Isayama, has created!
read shingeki no kyojinry takes place in an undefined time and place. All we know is that humanity was decimated 100 years ago by gigantic creatures in human form… The Titans! These monsters that devour humans, do not seem to tire, do not reproduce (or at least have never been observed) and can only be killed if their necks are cut. Three-dimensional equipment was therefore created, allowing to move quickly while being armed with a blade that can cut the neck of the titans. Humanity, or at least what remains of it, has taken refuge in a city surrounded by ramparts, 3 ramparts defining the 3 parts of the city… So here we are in a middle-aged universe, with touches of modernity like guns. Nevertheless, one battalion was still exploring the outside world populated by titans: the Exploration Battalion, a valiant unit that represented the only hope of reconquering the outside world. And it is this one that Eren Jager, the main protagonist of Shingeki No Kyojin hero, wants to integrate. As new, more powerful and dangerous titans enter the kingdom, he and his friends will join these battalions and fight for the survival of the human race.
Because, if the pitch is just completely badass, so are the characters, and that’s what makes Read Attack On Titan a real and great manga.


The story takes place around 3 heroes. Eren Jagger, then, and his two best friends, Mikasa and Armin. The latter is a young man, frail and blond, not a bit reckless. But what makes him a unique character is his spirit. With a great capacity for reflection, he applies genius strategies and proves to be an outstanding tactician, overcoming his physical weaknesses. Mikasa is the childhood friend of Eren. They live as brothers and sisters and live together. This one seems to be the ideal soldier. Fast, powerful, combat-enduring and enduring, she handles three-dimensional equipment to perfection, demonstrates great composure and is intelligent. His only fault seems to be his attachment to Eren …
Eren, himself, is a jovial character and determined to explore the outdoors. He has a great determination for the success of his objectives. However, large areas of shadows seem to hover around Eren, his father, and some superhuman characteristics that present the young man …
All the secondary characters, comrades or superiors are great, each with a strong personality without going into caricature (almost always)! The most badass character of all remaining Levi, the best of all the soldiers, that you will be able to adore.


SnK is also very appreciated for the graphic quality of the anime. This one is simply sublime, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and each episode is a pure delight. The style of the manga is rougher, the lines more forced, which may dissuade some people from reading it.
As you will have understood, Attack of the Titans is a manga and an animated of beautiful workmanship, both in the universe and in the characters, and it is a real pleasure to see. If the written manga has repelled you aesthetically, I advise you to watch the anime!
If you have seen SnK, feel free to react to my review, and if you have not seen it, ENJOY!

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